Amped Atelier

Amped Atelier is the design studio of Sahrye Cohen and Hal Rodriguez, specializing in tech couture: the melding of historical fashion and couture techniques with modern technology. Amped Atelier designs have been featured on the runways of San Francisco, New York, Calgary, Nashville, and Xiamen.


Make it, Wear It

Level up your cosplay and costuming by learning how to combine the latest technologies including, electronics, microcontrollers, laser cutting and 3D printing. We wrote a book showing you how to assemble fashion-forward wearable electronics, garments, and accessories in no time. Make It, Wear It: Wearable Electronics for Makers, Crafters and Cosplayers clearly explains cutting-edge sewing, crafting, and electronics techniques and features a series of easy-to-follow projects using readily-sourced components and tools. You’ll see how to embed the latest technologies into your garments, including Arduino, color sensors, and Bluetooth―you’ll even explore laser cutting and 3D printing!


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Everyone wants to have their say. Melding obsolete fashion with modern technology, Reflections is inspired by the highly structured garments of the Victorian era.

Reflections was created for the MakeFashion 2015 Gala as a tech couture design suitable for formal or cocktail events. It is an historically informed modern take on the cocktail dress. The dress reflects thoughts and emotions on LED matrix displays using a bluetooth connection and a smart phone app.



Add some color to your world. At cocktail parties or on the dance floors, change the color and patterns on your dress to match your mood and surroundings.

Mimic is a fun and fashionable two garment series created for the MakeFashion 2016 Gala that include 3D design elements that are printed directly onto the fabric. Like chameleons they change color in reaction to the environment. The dresses use sensors to measure object colors, changing the color of the dress through LED lights behind 3D printed motifs.



The Hyphae Dress debuted at the Mangosteen International Fashion Show Installation. Notable design elements include electroluminescent lighting and laser cut fabric.