Add some color to your world. At cocktail parties or on the dance floors, change the color and patterns on your dress to match your mood and surroundings. Mimic is a fun and fashionable two garment series created for the MakeFashion 2016 Gala that include 3D design elements that are printed directly onto the fabric. Like chameleons they change color in reaction to the environment.


Print-À-Porter: 3D Printing on Fabric

The light defusing tetrahedrons and crystals were printed directly onto fabric using a 3D printer.  This innovative method creates a durable and flexible garment that is accessible and customizable. We shared our techniques in a pair of articles for Make: How to 3D Print on Tulle, Net, or Lace Fabrics and How to 3D Print Directly onto T-Shirts. The articles were then published as tutorial in a recent issue of Make: Volume 54 (November 2016)

Chameleon Circuit

The Mimic dresses incorporate a color sensor so the wearer can change the color of the designs by holding up a color swatch to the sensor. Controlled by Arduino micorcontrollers, the dresses use RGB light sensors to measure object colors, altering the color of the dress through addressable LEDs behind the motifs 3D printed on the fabric.

Chuck Szmurlo runway-2525.jpg

Amped Atelier is pleased to submit a thrilling project for the 2016 MakeFashion Gala! Mimic is a pair of Chameleon dresses, that change color in reaction to the environment. The dresses use sensors to measure object colors, changing the color of the dress through LED lights behind 3D printed motifs.